About Us



Yasmine Trading Company is located in the city of   Ostroh, in the south of the Rivna province, in western Ukraine. It specializes in purchasing, processing and packaging Ukrainian honey, selling it wholesale and retail and exporting it to all parts of the world for the benefit of all citizens. As the environment of Ukraine, with its natural and wild properties, produces the best types of honey in the world, and we have been keen to present this product in an elegant and practical manner while preserving the best high quality of pure honey at an affordable price. Our products all over the world, so it has used the largest shipping companies spread in Ukraine and all over the world to be able to deliver our products to all parts of the country for the benefit of all citizens. One of our goals and thanks to our hard work and dedication: To strengthen and develop long-term relationships with our customers, by demonstrating professionalism and reliability at every stage of our cooperation, to be one of the largest exporters of high-quality Ukrainian honey.